Vince Carter, the ageless wonder How does Vince Carter continue to do this? How can he keep blowing my mind with insanely athletic things with a basketball? I just don't get it. This man was the 5th pick in the 1998 draft. Do the math, it's correct, 2019-1998= 21.... 21 years he's been doing this. From the dunk contest [...]

Zion, a proven alien

If you've missed the beginning to this North Carolina at Duke basketball game, consider yourself lucky. Probably the worst possible start you can think of. Thirty six seconds into the game Duke mega-star, Zion Williamson, plants in attempt to spin and ends up slipping then holding the back of his right leg/knee area. If you're [...]

NBA All-Star Game

NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star 2019 game is about to begin, and I'm so pumped. This is by far the best all-star event in pro sports. From high flying dunks, bomb three pointers, and all the rappers and other random celebrities on the sidelines this is going to be a doozie. Not to mention the over/ under [...]

Antonio Brown could possibly take Leveon Bell’S spot as biggest jackass to wear the black & gold

Well just when we thought the soap opera of the Steelers 2018-2019 season was over we were wrong again. AB officially requested for a trade and "thanked" the Steelers fans via twitter. Now it does come down to the Steelers to make the final call which they should go ahead and grant this child's wishes. [...]