JD Crawford’s launch into the blogging world

How we doing world? My names JD Crawford 27 years old from a little town in Pennsylvania. Die hard Steelers fan Pirates fan and well when it comes to hockey (this is where the eyebrows raise) I’m one of the biggest Flyers fans you’ll ever meet. I’m not huge into basketball but I do pull for the 76ers. Trust me there will be a day I tell the story about how I’m a flyers fan. I’m a huge golf fanatic so yes of course I love tiger but the only guy I like more then him is Mr. Dustin Johnson. I’m a fun loving guy that enjoys cold coors light, long drives down the middle, and bar full of buddies. When it comes to sports topics I am honest and very blunt. Trust me you’ll find out when I blog about how the Steelers need to fire the most overrated coach in NFL history. Just like Zak I’m a huge concert goer (a lot of posts coming from that topic) huge country fan but honestly can switch right over to rap. Still think I might have the only iPod that goes from “country roads” to “no Vaseline” by ice cube. So sit back enjoy some wild and funny shit.

Cheers y’all


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