Big Talk Launch/ Intro

Wow, what a pain in the ass this shit is. Creating a website, that is. This is merely just a test so if you are reading this, please don’t judge me. I am a rookie. I am a simple, easy going feller in a small Pennsylvania town. I was inspired by my hero, Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports), to create a blog of my own and share my opinions on anything I have an opinion on, which is typically dominated by the sports world and all that goes on in it. So if you’re ready for another sports blog on the inter-webs you’ve come to the right place.

To start things off with sports, I already know I will be judged. Yes, I live in Pennsylvania. Yes, I despise all PA sports teams. No, I do not give one single fuck what you think! I enjoy all 4 major sports, (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey), our beautiful homeland provides us. Vegas and Miami are my hot spots for my teams. First and foremost I am a diehard be Las Vegas, Raiders fan( I’m aware they don’t move officially until next year). Always been always will be, expect A LOT of my posts to be about my struggling Raiders.. sad face… Their soon to be neighboring NHL team, Golden Knights, have become my hockey team due to the Raiders moving to Vegas and me not having a team when I started watching hockey in 2017 which is the year the Knights had their inaugural season, so there’s your answer for that. Then we get to Miami.. the Heat and the disgusting, embarrassing, pitiful, make me want to kill myself with their stupidity, Marlins. Yikes. Can’t stand this team and previous ownership, but have yet to jump ship. Maybe, just maybe… Derek Jeter can turn that hunk of shit into a pot of gold eventually. Until then, I’ll patiently be waiting. So, thats a little bit about myself. If you hate me, honestly I apologize for sucking so hard and I can’t blame you one bit.

Good day

Shout out to my great friend, Madison McCarty for the logo!

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