If you love sports, root for Tom

It’s finally Super Bowl Sunday and once again, Tom Brady and the Patriots are ready to win another one. A dominate dynasty that started against MY beloved Raiders on a snowy New England night for the divisional round of the playoffs in 2002. I won’t get into the pile of horse shit that call was.. on this post, anyway. Time and time again Brady widely recognized as the G.O.A.T, (“greatest of all time”, for those living under a rock), has brought his team back from the dead. Year after year there’s a new narrative as to why Brady won’t be able to do it, and somehow he always does.

Listen, I’m not even a Patriots fan. Hell, I should hate them the most. It was a horrible, disgusting, puke worthy, no sense makin’ ass call that started this whole dynasty. That was a god damn fumble as Raider legends Jon Gruden and Charles Woodson, the one who forced the fumble, will still tell you to this day. After saying all this and as a fan of the sport, you have to respect greatness. Tom Brady has been to more Super Bowls than basically all NFL franchises besides a few. The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the NFL in Super Bowl victories with six. Brady is now going in to Super Bowl LIII for his ninth appearance and possibly sixth championship, which is an incredible accomplishment. As a fan of not just Brady himself, but a fan of the game and the sports world.. you should be rooting for greatness. Its what inspires the next generation. It makes sports a beautiful thing to watch. I’ll be rooting for it. If you love football and you love sports, you will too.

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