Our Fearless Leader is being harassed by Goodell and the NFL

I can not believe the stupidity of the NFL.. Our fearless leader, El Presidente, the creator of MHOC (monster hits only club), Dave Portnoy, has been harassed, stalked, now carried out and arrested by Rodger Goodell NFL commissioner. As many think this is not good, it’s very much is good for what Portnoy has created in Barstool Sports. They are known for their t-shirt sales which will now being going through the roof. Maybe Portnoy was right all along, Barstool is going to the moon. Portnoy has inspired so many, including myself, hence this new blog I have created. If the Patriots can pull this game out this will be the biggest publicity stunt Barstool has ever gotten away with. Absolutely genius Dave, my hat is off to you.

Love, Zak

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