San Fran Raiders?

San Francisco Raiders? Hell no. It’s Oakland until 2020, don’t care what anyone says. So we, the Raiders, are going to play in yet another baseball stadium. Whatever, it’s the Bay Area. Everyone should be happy about this. Imagine if we went to San Antonio? Or Utah? Get the fuck out of here. This was the best possible situation for the Raiders with the cards they were handed. No chance Mark Davis was going to share a stadium with those losers in Santa Clara, and those pricks in Oakland have been fighting about a stadium since the 90’s. Mark Davis does not owe them shit, why over pay? This is a equally dumpy baseball field to play on and you’re not helping pay people to sue them. I agree with this move, and I can’t wait to improve this season and be primed and ready to wreck shit in Vegas come 2020. Just win baby, lets go!

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