Carter Hart is giving Flyers fans hope

Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and players. Half-ass rappers and true rhyme sayers. This is the Carter, so hold onto your teenage daughter. Because this is the Carter” – Lil Wayne (this is the Carter)

He has risen!!!! Flyers fans we gotta chance. As of 7:06 am on February 5th were only five points out of the last wild card spot that was wrote off a short time ago. The flyers are now up to 8 in a row with the rookie goalie leading the way. Things are fun in Philly right now with the goalie void we all been dreaming about being filled finally being filled. Let’s be real flyers fans the only way we could love this kid a little more is if we win the next two games and 11 in a row came down to a shootout with the penguins and young Carter slams the door on cry baby Crosby to seal a win. Sit back and let’s enjoy a run towards the playoffs.



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