Mike Tomlin…….. gotta go

Since my earliest memories it’s been god, family, steelers football. The last handful of years has literally made me pull my hair out scream at TVs and walk out of a stadium literally dumbfounded. Bill Cowher……. in my eyes most underrated coach of all time that walked away at what was about to be a shower of Super Bowls. Think about it he had a very young Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes and Heath Miller……. that’s on offense only let’s not forget the seven pro bowlers on the defensive side of the ball with the greatest defensive coordinator of all time calling the shots. But the man did one of the most honorable things a man could do. Walk away to take care of his wife in her final years of life due to cancer.

In comes Mike Tomlin. Hey first year 10-6 and close loss to the jags in the first round of the playoffs. I along with the Steeler nation all said “first year give the guy a break”. Then the magical 2008 super bowl year with one of the greatest defenses to ever take the field. Remember 7 pro bowlers on just defense. I’m sorry I don’t care what you say that was Cowher’s team.

Nobody left from the 2008 super bowl team. Only got stronger with the addition of Mike Wallace, and Rashard Mendenhall. 2009 the steelers failed to make the playoffs going 9-7. Then another fantastic year with a costly fumble on a crucial 4th quarter drive in the super bowl. Even then I was a Tomlin believer. But I like to call the next five years the beginning of the end.

After the Tim Tebow bullshit overtime loss in the playoffs. Then back to back 8-8 no playoff seasons I was beginning to doubt the man cause great coaches and players were jumping ship. He ran the Dick Lebeau outta town and straight to Tennessee. Lamar Woodley, James Harrison, and a early retirement for Ike Taylor.

The 2016 season ended to an absolute coaching ass whooping to Bill Belicheck in the afc title game. So 2017 looked so incredibly beautiful for the Steelers top 3 running back (Leveon Bell) best wr in football (AB) and a top five QB and let’s not forget two rookies by the name of TJ Watt and Juju Smith-Shuster. 13-3 and don’t forget the Jesse James not surviving the ground against the Patriots. The Steelers with a first round bye watch the jaguars score 10 points against the Buffalo Bills. I’m gonna type this again so you understand THE JAGUARS SCORED 10 POINTS AGAINST THE BUFFALO BILLS IN THE WILD CARD GAME TO ADVANCE TO PLAY THE STEELERS AT HEINZ FIELD. 10 POINTS!!!!!!!! The next week They come to Heinz field and put up 45 POINTS!!!!!!! That is coaching. And there are rumors that the day before that game leveon Bell didn’t show up to the walk thru. What Coach lets this shit happen. At this point I was full on Mike Tomlin has got to go then 2018.

Let’s review 2018

  • Leveon Bell situation looming all year.
  • Antonio Brown temper tantrums on sidelines
  • Tying the Browns before Baker was a starter
  • Trying to run out the clock against the chargers
    The raiders game
    Of course letting Antonio Brown think he is bigger then the Steelers.
  • Sean Payton, Bill Belicheck, Doug Pederson, John Haurbaugh. Never on any of those coaches teams would you see the Leveon Bell situation be talked about week after week going through a season or a player act like Antonio Brown has on there team. Tomlin has lost control of a extremely talented team, and players like Big Ben and juju are suffering. I understand it’s not in the steelers nature to fire coaches. ( only been 3 since 1969) but it’s time to move on. Look at the talent that’s there
    • Big Ben
      James Conner
    • A offensive line with 3 all-pros
      A defense that constantly got better as the year went on

    2019 will be interesting yes it’s a team that can win and make a serious run but another repeat of 2018 should result in the 3rd coaching change in 50 years.



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