Thank you, Chris Bosh

The Miami Heat have announced they will retire Chris Bosh‘s name and number into the rafters at American Airlines arena on March 26, 2019. I absolutely love this move by Micky Arison, the owner of the Miami Heat. Bosh was apart of what is now known as the first “super team” in the National Basketball Association. This came about July 2010, I remember like it was yesterday.. Myself being a chubby, bright eyed, 14 year old Dwyane Wade disciple, and passionate Miami Heat fan. I was glued to the TV after Bosh announced he was joining Wade and the Heat and leaving his All-Pro status in Toronto with the Raptors behind him, for a new start and even bigger goals in mind, but the rest of the world had no idea what was to come. A week or so later was “The Decision” on ESPN, LeBron James was announcing where he would be playing for the 2010-2011 season after being fed up with the bullshit franchise, Cleavland Cavaliers, and failing to win a title as the self proclaimed “Chosen One” which is also tattooed on the back of James. The decision came on and I was wearing my number 32 Shaquille O’Neal Heat jersey, hoping, for any chance of Miami landing the King himself, and the it hit me. LeBron was asked, “so, where will you be next season” and he replied “I am taking my talents to South Beach and joining the Miami Heat”. It was almost like I had won the lottery ( basically did, for a 14 year old basketball fanatic). I remember jumping around with tears of joys running down my rosy red cheeks. The rest was history. Bosh, Wade, and James went on to go to four straight NBA Finals, winning two of them, back to back in the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons, with Bosh playing an enormous role.

Bosh was never appreciated for what he really was. He was an incredible teammate who sacrificed his own personal stats for the overall good of the team. In Toronto was he was the guy, he was the leading scorer and he was the entire team. Coming to Miami he had two other guys, Wade and James, who had similar roles with their own team. Bosh was the odd man out in most situations, and was often the fall guy. Not once did he complain about it. He embraced the role he was given and he succeeded greatly in that role. Although Bosh’s career did not end as he expected, as he was having trouble with blood clots in his lungs. This forced him to be benched and unavailable three straight seasons the Heat had no choice but to move on from Bosh. As a die hard Heat fan, I will always be grateful for what Chris has done for the Heat in playing his role in what could arguable be one of the best teams in NBA history. I was so glad to see they will honor him, and retire his jersey. No one will being wearing the number 1 on their jersey for Miami ever again, it is forever taken by a true Heat legend. Thanks for everything Chris.

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