Trade deadline as a Heat fan

I had high hopes for the Miami Heat this season. I thought that they could be just over .500 and make a solid push in the playoffs, which hasn’t happened since LeBron, but I go into every season saying the same shit. “I believe in this team!” “I swear they are good!” “They have the talent they just needed time together” that then turns into “they have too many guards, they need to make a move!” “Hassan is a fucking lazy asshole and does nothing but Snapchat”. Every. Single. Year. A week or so before All-Star break rolls around which means trade deadline is just about up and nothing happens, but this year something happened. I get an ESPN update saying “Heat finishing up deal with Suns” and I start to get really excited, I think to myself “oh my god, is it for Book? Even Brandon Knight? Maybe?” NOPE. Pat Riley is sending Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington to the Phoenix Suns for Ryan Anderson. Man, that was anticlimactic. Of course, I get a little pissed off. Why the hell are we sending away Ellington? I like Tyler Johnson too, what the fuck?

I see this tweet and then I realize how emotionally unstable of a fan I really am..

I am now okay with this trade and I accept and trust that Pat has a plan. Must not be an immediate plan, but a plan nonetheless. I’m praying anyway.. I miss being excited for NBA playoffs rather than disappointed. Wish me luck!

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