Why Joe Flacco is not only Elite, but a Hall of Famer

Ever since Joe Flacco got his big contract after winning the super bowl, super bowl MVP and had arguably the best playoff performance from a quarterback ever there has been talk of him being elite. Forget all that Elite talk. Joe Flacco is a Hall of Famer. Now I may be a little biased but I have the stats to back it up. Joe Flacco is a super bowl winner and in that postseason had one of the best performances from a quarterback tying Joe Montana’s postseason record for most touchdown passes without an interception with 11. He’s won two AFC North Division titles, appeared in 3 AFC Championships and would have played in another Superbowl if it wasn’t for Billy Cundiff. He has won more playoff games than some of the leagues “best” quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers and Russell Wilson. In my opinion he has done all this without an elite receiver in his career. Now the year he was Superbowl MVP he had his best core of receivers with Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Dennis Pitta. So why is he a hall of famer?? Lets look at some stats to compare Flacco to some all time greats and hall of Famers. Lets start with Troy Aikman the beloved Cowboy who did win 3 super bowls. Flacco and Aikman have similar career records Flacco with a slight edge. Passing yards Flacco has almost a 6,000 yard advantage over Aikman. Completion percentages are almsot identical. Here is the stat that stood out the most to me. Flacco’s TD:INT ratio is 212:136. HALL OF FAMER Troy Aikman’s….. 165:141. A hall of famer almost threw as many interceptions as touchdowns in his career. Playoff records are similar with Aikman having a one game edge. The only thing that separates Aikman is the Superbowl total. Not that superbowl wins are anything to bat an eye at but statistically Flacco is better than Aikman. I could talk numbers all day but Flacco has similar and mostly better statistics than Hall of Famer Kurt Warner too. I think its time we put some respect on my man Joe Flacco’s name.

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