Where will Machado and Harper Land??

The big topic of discussion this offseason has been where these two superstars will land all while big names like AJ Pollock and DJ LeMahieu have gone under the radar and signing for cheaper deals. The only thing that is clear is that neither of these two will be returning to their respective teams from last season. Lets start by looking at some stats from last year. Machado hit .297 with 37 HR’s and 107 RBI’s and scoring 84 runs with a OBP of .367. Harper hit .249 with 34 HR’s and 100 RBI’s scoring 103 runs and a OBP of .393. With these guys you pretty much know what you’re going to get. Between 30-40 homeruns, they will drive in 100 plus and they will both strikeout over 100 times. What separates the two? Machado has been a two time gold glover and is stellar in the field. Harper had an inflated OBP this past season walking a career high 130 times. So why haven’t either of these guys signed yet? It could be a number of reasons. Maybe because they both have this reputation of being about themselves before the team and have this villain reputation. Lets start with Manny. Manny seems to be holding out for a big offer that at this point doesn’t seem to be coming. The Yankees seem to be more interested in a trade and sign for Nolan Arenado than signing Manny Machado. The frontrunners for Manny seem to be the Phillies, White Sox and this mystery team no one can seem to figure out. I can see Manny being the JD Martinez of this offseason and some team getting him for a bargain. Manny however does not seem close to signing anytime soon. Bryce right now I think is the more sought after of the two. He recently met with the Giants this week. His name has been linked with the Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers and Padres. You like to think these two are both going to sign with a contender. The JT Realmuto trade to the Phillies will be a big part in a proposal to these two. Philly will end up with one or even both of these superstars before it is said and done. Ultimately these two holding out will cost them some money. The best fit for Machado would be the Philadelphia Phillies. He could go there be around a up and coming pitching staff and other good players such as Realmuto, Jean Segura and Rhys Hoskins. He could fill the third base void they have been looking for. The best fit for Harper? The Chicago Cubs. In Chicago Bryce would not only push this Cubs team over the top but he would be under less pressure in Chicago as he would be playing with more All-Stars. So that being said here are my predictions. Manny Machado:  Manny chases the most money and longest term contract and signs a 8 year $200 million dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox. Bryce Harper: Bryce Harper signs a big 8 year $220 million dollar deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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