I picked an AAF team, football is not over

Last weekend was Super Bowl 53 and the Patriots are yet again NFL champions. Usually this means that football is over until September, but not this year. A new football league developed by Bill Polian and Charlie Ebersol called the Alliance of American Football is ready to kick off today, February 9th, 2019. There are eight teams in this new league, Arizona Hot Shots, Memphis Express, Birmingham Iron, Salt Lake Stallions, Atlanta Legends, Orlando Apollos, San Antonio Commanders, and San Diego Fleet. Polian said on an interview with NFL network yesterday that this league should have a familiar feel as the NFL, which is what all of us football obsessed people are excited for. Polian also said that eighty-one percent of players in the AAF have been signed and reported to NFL camps. There are a few new rules that differ from the NFL. The AAF is eliminating the kicking aspect of the game. They are removing kick offs and every drive will start at the twenty-five yard line. The reasoning behind this is that the kick offs are proven to be the most fast pace, and dangerous plays in the NFL game which result in the most injuries on those plays. The AAF will also no longer have extra points after a touchdown, the scoring team must go for two point conversion. I’m sure there are going to be several other new rules and additions to this new league, possibly to test for the NFL.

With all this being said, I have decided on a team to root for. I have chosen…….

The Memphis Express! Why, you may ask? Well, for starters I like the colors, and the logo which is more important to me than most things. Also, Christian Hackenburg was named starting quarterback of the Express, and I have always been a loyal Penn State fan, so I am going to stick to that. I never minded Hackenburg at Penn State, although he wasn’t the best, surely he was not the worst. Surrounded with similar talent I believe he will do well in this league, after basically no success in the NFL. The Express have hired Mike Singletary as the head coach. Sure, he also was not great in the NFL as a coach, with an overall record of 18 wins and 22 losses. Maybe this could spark him with another chance as a head coach, but you can not deny his greatness as a player. Singletary was a Super Bowl champion, ten time pro-bowler, two time defensive player of the year, all with the legendary Chicago Bears defense. So, that’s where I am at with the AAF. I’m excited for this to league to to start tonight and see if all this will live up to the talk.

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