It’s fun to dream about what baseball could be…..

I know some ding bat will disagree as soon as they read this sentence. 162 games is way to many!!!

Imagine this

  • 80 games (40 home) (40 away)
  • Absolutely no dh
  • Minimum 3 batters per pitcher
  • 20 second pitch time limit

Baseball would be awesome every stadium would be guaranteed to be full at least 20-30 games cause every game would mean so much more. I along with a majority of baseball watching crowds am sick of seeing only two thousand people at a baseball game on a Tuesday night. Hockeys worst teams have no problem filling 60 percent of arenas on any night of the week and they only play 82 games minimum.

Imagine baseball starting in mid May and ending in September and fans not having to wear there winter jackets to a World Series game or a season opener. I know it’s a dream that will never come true but like I said it’s fun to dream.



P.s. go buccos

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