rAiDeRs hAte dErEk cArR n gRuDen !!!

Ever since Jon Gruden was hired as the head coach of the Raiders there have been numerous amounts of bullshit narratives being thrown at the Raiders. One of those being that Jon Gruden can’t relate to the “new age” NFL player, I mean… come on. Before he took the Raiders job he last coached the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2008. Really, not that long ago. Then there’s the idea that Gruden and Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr, don’t get along because Derek is religious and Jon likes to curse. This just comes down to poor, bored journalism. Who gives a shit if they get along? (even if they didn’t) I don’t see why that matters at all and certainly not enough to report in the “news”. Do me a favor, and watch this video.. Tell me if you think this sounds like there are locker room problems with the quarterback, Derek Carr, and the head coach, Jon Gruden.

Yeah, I didn’t think so either. All this told me was that everything is going just according to plan. Like Donald Penn said, it’s a business. Every move Gruden made he knew he was going to make coming into this job. He wanted to build his own team, and finish what he started in Oakland, soon to be Vegas, with the Raiders before he was traded away by then owner Al Davis, but that’s another story for another day. Either way you look at this, my hopes are WAY up for the Raiders season and I can not wait for the 2019 season.

Just Win Baby!

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