If you like Draymond Green, you’re wrong

Just looking at this guy pisses me off. Not to mention listening to him speak is even more displeasing. Guy is a complete moron, mouth breathing asshole. Literally everything about this man SUCKS! From his looks, his voice, the way he plays, and anything else you can think of. He looks like he’s wearing a backpack the way he shoots the ball (pictured below). I am very confident he may just be the most overrated player in the history of all of sports, not a joke. Put Draymond on literally any other team and he wouldn’t be shit but a loud mouth, nut kicking, dumb ass player who’s good for nothing but getting technicals and looking stupid. Sorry, I had to let my feelings known about how much I hate this guy. Also the Heat are absolutely dominating the Warriors right now which makes this easier to write. Don’t bother roasting me when they lose , I know it’s coming.. just let me enjoy this while I can.

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