Antonio Brown could possibly take Leveon Bell’S spot as biggest jackass to wear the black & gold

Well just when we thought the soap opera of the Steelers 2018-2019 season was over we were wrong again. AB officially requested for a trade and “thanked” the Steelers fans via twitter. Now it does come down to the Steelers to make the final call which they should go ahead and grant this child’s wishes.

AB is cancer. He is a nasty ugly cancer that calls for a amputation. But that amputation could put the Steelers in remission. Unfortunately it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Due to the off field rumors his stock has dropped and cripples the Steelers in asking for all the beans for him. Also the 20 million dollar cap hit. (Which could keep him in the burgh).

I believe there is more pros then cons on AB leaving town


  • The biggest head is taken out of the locker room. (remember this guy tried bitching out Dick Lebeau, a former coach and hall of famer)
  • Future superstars such as juju and TJ Watt don’t learn and obtain the attitude he has.
  • Will eventually free up money that can be spent on defense
  • Could possibly see karma if he gets traded to a team with a horrible qb situation. Fingers crossed
  • CONS
    • He is the best receiver in football when a future hall of fame qb is throwing to him
      I believe if he was sat down with Mr Rooney and was told to get his head with the stupid haircut out of his ass and be a leader he could change.
  • I said it once and I’ll say it again and again with a good coach that doesn’t let his players walk all over him. Situations don’t happen like this with Bill Belichick, Sean Payton or Doug Pederson to name a few. Hopefully the Steelers win AB goes away and we get a stud linebacker and AB realizes how great he had it. Or AB has to stay and pulled his head out of his ass and becomes another legend of Pittsburgh.
  • Cheers


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