Oh no, Steeler fans

Oh no, Steeler fans…. this is not good.. what the heck are ya gonna do now? Just look at it.

Man, what a wild move for Antonio Brown to go ahead and do a Q&A on Twitter, in the middle of him trying to make himself look pretty for a trade. It’s so stupid of him I honestly respect the hustle of mother-fucking the Steelers, because I hate them too, 84. You want a team who’s quarterback and coach get along? Hell, even tell each other that they love each other in the middle of games? You want a team where coach does all the yelling and screaming? You want a brand new stadium after next season? You want to really piss off old timer Steelers? You want to wear the most iconic uniform in NFL history? Boy I got a place for you. The Oakland Raiders…..

That’s right folks, I’m all in on the idea of AB as a Raider. Cocky, selfish, asshole? Sure, I wouldn’t call you wrong for calling him such. I love it. Bring that ass here, boy! You know what, Steelers? I know the word on the street is a 2nd round pick for this guy. You know, the big man Chucky has 5 first round picks in his pocket over the next two drafts. If you play your cards correctly maybe you’ll get one of those. I know for certain if Al Davis was still alive running this team, the traded would have happened like, yesterday.. and you Yinzers might have gotten all 5 of those picks! God rest his beautiful soul. Well, that’s all I got. Make it happen Chucky! You know how this goes..

Just Win Baby

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