Antonio “Mr. Big Chest” Brown: A love letter

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard today’s news about Steeler’s wide receiver, Antonio Brown, you’re going to love this one. Brown, formally known as AB and AB84, now wants to be referred to as “Mr. Big Chest”. I’m assuming he has chosen this name to reiterate that he in fact has been coming out and saying anything he feels, thinks or whatever the hell comes to this crazy guy’s mind. Either way, I love it. The more this guy talks the more excitement runs through my veins. Similar to the adrenaline as if I were Derek Carr with a minute left on the clock in the fourth quarter, at home against Mr. Big Chest’s Steelers, about to seal the deal and get that dub! Remember that one Yinzers? I do! Actually now that I’ve mentioned it.. definitely was my favorite Raiders game of 2018.

Mr. Big Chest went to Instagram today, and he had a message for the rest of the NFL. He reaffirmed that he wanted traded, that he had a meeting with the Steeler’s ownership, Rooney Family, and they both agreed that a trade would happen. So now it’s a waiting game on where he will be sent. It is rumored that the Steelers would take as little as a second round draft pick for Brown. Which to me, sounds absolutely crazy. Let’s not forget, the Raider’s traded Amari Cooper for a first round pick. Cooper has not done shit in the NFL. Sure, he’s had his moments, but compared to Mr. Big Chest?? It’s not even close. Amari Cooper was drafted in the 2015 NFL draft over his four season career he has totaled 3,908 yards on 278 receptions. Antonio’s worst year in the past six seasons was 1,284 yards, which is more yards than Amari has ever seen in is career ( high of 1,153). In saying that, I would not be upset to see the Raiders use that first round pick they received for Amari to acquire Mr. Big Chest. In fact, I need it. It’s a must. CHUCK, MADE THE PHONE CALL!! YOU HEARD THE MAN, HIT HIS PHONE! (video above). 

Mr. Big Chest himself

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Raider Nation.. We need some more swag on this team. We haven’t been the real Raiders for a long time. We thrive on people hating us. We want to be the enemy. ” He’ll knock you around and upside down, and laugh when he’s conquered and won.” That’s how it used to be with the Raiders. Back with the legends like Phil Villapiano, Howie Long, Ken “The Snake” Stabler, Matt Millen, Marcus Allen, Lester Hayes, John Matuszak, Dave Casper, Cliff Branch, Art Shell, you get the point! The bad boys no one wanted to fuck with. Antonio Brown brings the attention to Oakland, with star power brings more star power, just ask the King, LeBron James. If our lord and savior Chucky can get Brown on this team it will attract many, many more players, and not just on the offensive side of the ball. Those big time defenders will see Mr. Big Chest himself in the beautiful and intimidating silver and black and they’ll think “man, that looks good”. It will rub off on them all and they’ll all want to be Raiders and we can return to complete domination of the NFL. Pillaging just for fun, as they say in our anthem.

What I’m getting at here is… I want AB, AB84, Antonio Brown, Mr. fucking Big Chest, Whatever the hell he wants to be called, I want him, I NEED HIM. The more weird shit he does, the more I want it. I’m not sure what has come upon me, I’ve always hated every Steeler in history of the Steelers, but this one, he’s different. Very, very, different. Also, I absolutely love the nickname “Mr. Big Chest”. Might be the funniest nickname of all time. Hell, maybe we can even snag his buddy……

Le’Veon Bell

Now that would really be something.. Hm.

Just win Baby!

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