Zion, a proven alien

If you’ve missed the beginning to this North Carolina at Duke basketball game, consider yourself lucky. Probably the worst possible start you can think of. Thirty six seconds into the game Duke mega-star, Zion Williamson, plants in attempt to spin and ends up slipping then holding the back of his right leg/knee area. If you’re not a basketball fan you probably don’t know the legend of Zion. He’s taken over the basketball Twitter-sphere with his inhumanely impossible dunks for the past few years, since his junior year of high school. He truly is an amazing player. Watching him go down in arguably could be the biggest non March madness tournament game is not what you want to see as a fan of the game. As surprising as and injury to a super human is, that is not even the main story of this unfortunate event. While slipping, Zion’s foot completely busted through his sneaker. Yes, you read that correctly, he is so powerful that he forced his way through, I assume, a brand new shoe. Don’t believe it? Take a look!

His sneaker is wrapped around his ankle! How?! Nike needs to have a response ASAP! Phil Knight, you better get on it. You don’t want Zion’s blood on your hands.. the basketball world will be extremely upset with you.

ps. In all seriousness pray for Zion, he’s awesome

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