I hate Chris Paul

Chris Paul…. I have officially had enough of this guy. First of all, he’s got two first names which makes me cringe from the jump. What really set me off today, a video I just saw on NBA Instagram. Come on, really man? You just beat the warriors and you have to do this after the game? Right in the hallway for everyone to see? Get the fuck outta here man.

Somehow, Paul and the Rockets are 3-0 against the Warriors. That doesn’t even matter to me, because they have NO shot in the playoffs. Which reminds me of another reason I hate Chris Paul. Last year in the 2018 Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors he and James Harden led the Rockets to a win on the road in Oakland to force a game 7 back at home in Houston. Leading up to this very important game seven, to send the Rockets to the finals (Paul has never been), he decides to sit out of the game with a “sore hamstring”. Dude has never been to the finals before, is recognized as a top five point guard in the league, and pulls that shit? I don’t even begin to understand why sitting out would even be an option for him. It makes no sense to me. If it were me, I would absolutely play, even if it were a risk to re-injure myself to help the team to the NBA finals but, nope. This guy is a selfish asshole. He SUCKS. He’s too worried about being able to do his stupid All-State commercials, which also suck.

After Paul failed to help his team get to the NBA finals by sitting out, the next offseason he pulls, possibly, the biggest dick move he’s done yet. This guy is so selfish that he demands his salary must be the maximum possible (160 million). This makes it extremely hard for the team to re-sign bench player and three point specialist Trevor Ariza. Forcing him to sign with the Phoenix Suns, then eventually traded (back) to the Wizards. Paul’s unwillingness to restructure and help out the team and his teammates with a few million dollars in his max contract could cost him a chance to get to the Finals in a redemption tour for the first time and win a championship. I have a pretty good feeling it’s going to be another dick move, or just Paul and Harden choking it away like they usually do. At this point, I’m rooting against them, I have seen enough.

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