Jason Witten back to football… FUCK the Cowboys

Jason Witten announced this afternoon he was un-retiring from football and re-joining the Dallas Cowboys, from the ESPN studios on Monday Night Football. This is actually kind of good news, hell, maybe even great. Jason was absolutely atrocious as a commentator on Monday Night Football. I couldn’t stand listening to this clown. Not to mention seeing him, and his stupid new hair. How does someone just sprout new hair? Makes no sense to me.

One thing that really makes me chuckle about this situation is that the only reason Witten could be going back to Dallas as a player is that he thinks they have a shot at a championship. Before Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott it was Jason Witten and Tony Romo who repeatedly failed to even come close. The Cowboys are delusional. No shot to do ANYTHING. Jason Witten may even hurt their chances, instead of helping. Why should this team who actually worked hard to get to the playoffs, actually win a game, unlike Jason did so many times, and just let him take on all the benefits when he was calling the games on TV last season when they were grinding? I think this is a stupid move for the Cowboys. He’s gonna waltz back into Jerry’s World and expect people to be kissing his toes bowing before him, don’t think it’s going to work like that. But, we shall see, and I hope you Cowboy fans have a fun season knowing one thing….. as Stephen A. Smith says is always true for the Cowboys.. “What can go wrong, WILL go wrong”. Good luck, Suckers!

Ps. Fuck Coop too, you can keep him…


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