Send the cancer to the other side of the country. Yes my AB opinion has arrived

I hope espn reports in the coming weeks that Antonio Brown is headed to Oakland. It will be such a pleasure to hear that this ungrateful spoiled child will no longer be associated and linked to the Steelers.

Now knowing that the Oakland raiders are not gonna read a blog from a small town Steelers fan I’m gonna go ahead and say it. This is gonna be the lowest moment in raiders history since the immaculate reception. Do they really think there gonna keep him happy with a mediocre quarterback giving him half and yes I said half the catches he had this year on a team that will not compete for the playoffs? No fucking way your gonna see this whole entire situation happen again in 2 years.

Now here come the raiders fans saying Derek Carr is more then a mediocre qb. He is compared to Ben. Mainly because the Steelers offense lives through the air. Carr had 553 pass attempts while Ben had 675. But the big stat that matters is Ben dropped back 122 more times Ben was sacked 24 times to Carr’s 51. Let that sink in. Ben targeted AB roughly 12 times a game how the hell is Carr gonna make AB happy running for his life in a offense that doesn’t go to the air nearly as much as the Steelers.

Read that and realize trouble is already brewing in Oakland just thinking about trading for this clown. Ben Roethlisberger has won 2 Super Bowls and played in 3 and is a 6 time all pro qb. He is also a captain yes I said captain you don’t need a thesaurus to know that also means a leader. If he can’t respect Ben how is he gonna respect Carr? We will find out. Oakland……… enjoy your spoiled brat that wants to leave Disney land and go to knobels cause it rained one day.

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