Welcome to the Town, Mr. Big Chest!!!!!!

Raider Nation! big win for us in the nation tonight. The Pittsburgh Steelers have sent Mr. Big Chest himself, Antonio Brown, to your Oakland (soon to be Vegas) Raiders. Wow. Can’t believe Chucky and Mayock pulled off this highway robbery. The Raiders are surrendering their 3rd round pick, number 66, and their 5th round pick, number 131. This was an absolute STEAL… In the aftermath of last year’s trading of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, the Raiders gave those two players along with 2019 3rd round pick, 2019 5th round pick ( both to Steelers), 2020 2nd round pick ( to Bears), 2020 6th round pick. In exchange for THREE first round picks ( 4, 24, 27) along with the 3rd pick in the second round ( number 35) and a 2020 5th round pick, all along with receiving Antonio Brown, Mr. Big Chest. Just wow, Mike Mayock already showing his worth pulling this shit off. Now, I know Big Chest Brown has his issues with all sorts of things like ego, anger, blah blah blah. Yeah, sure.. BUT, at such a low price for a basically sure thing hall of fame player, with what seems to be plenty in the tank is definitely worth the risk of things going sour. Until that day comes, I’m PUMPED! Derek Carr will finally show his worth, show that he is an all-pro caliber quarterback. Lets. fucking. go!


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