Giants are the clowns of the NFL

So the Giants just traded the main piece of their entire existence over the past few years to the Cleveland Browns. What they got in return was…. underwhelming to say the least. Jabril Peppers, 1st round pick (#17), and a 3rd round pick, which they had two. Jesus Christmas! I can only help to think…. what were the Raiders offering? Couldn’t have been much different. Probably missing the player, oh well, we got Mr. Big Chest, if you hadn’t heard. This is almost as sweet to me as if OBJ were traded to the Raiders. Now, Baker Mayfield, OBJ, Kareem Hunt, and Jarvis “juice” Landry will play the Shitsburgh Steelers twice a year and absolutely TORCH them. It’s a win-win. There’s a new big dog in town. Shout out the Dog Pound! Move on over Steelers, no more cake walks to the playoffs, oh, wait…………

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