6 Years Ago today… the Death of The Jet

Today, March 18th 2013, Jason “the jet” was laid to rest. Murdered in plain sight, under the lights, in the TD Garden, with 19,000 witnesses…… by the King. The, self proclaimed, Chosen One. The GOAT himself, LeBron James. I will warn you, if you’re not fond of bloody massacres, DO NOT continue, just exit out of this window a.s.a.p.

There it was folks. The good old days of being a Heat fan. I was very spoiled, and I miss it. I miss dominating everyone in the east. Making it look like men amongst boys.. I seriously believe the 2012-2013 Miami Heat were the best team in NBA history, if you don’t agree then fuck off I don’t care. Warriors ain’t shit. Heatles for life. Also, side note…. I’m sure LeBron is wishing he never left Miami, the only place to truly love him and embrace being the villains. If he would have stayed there would be at least two more rings in Miami, and the Warriors wouldn’t exist… just sayin’.

Also, I know they’re down at the moment, but yes it was a beautiful come back victory, look it up. Classic Heat to give the opponent a head start just to make it interesting.

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