Steeler fans mad as all hell, and I can’t blame them.. I was in their shoes last year

Pittsburgh Steeler fans are still REALLY mad. It all starts with Antonio Brown and his forcing his old team, Steelers, to trade him in which ultimately landed him in Oakland as a Raider. MY team. The Silver and Black. While Brown was on his social media outbursts he gave himself a new nick name, “Mr. Big Chest”. The next day after the trade, being the Raiders fan I am, ordered a custom jersey with Brown’s number 84, and the name “Big Chest” on the back.

After the jersey came in the mail, I took the picture of it and tweeted it at Mr. Big Chest himself, using one of his most famous phrases he uses and said, ” Yo, @AB84 I called god and he sent me this”. That’s when all hell broke loose. Brown saw this tweet, liked it, and then retweeted it. My phone hadn’t stopped buzzing since (still now 24 hours later). I am being attacked and bullied by these angry Yinzers and it is hilarious how mad they really are. If you read this thread, it’s basically just a bunch of twitter eggs calling me fat and gay. Here are some of the responses I got…

Classic roast of saying I should join Weight Watchers!

Another fat joke, roasted me

Here was just simply a mean spirited Gif, exaggerating my fatness

Another classic reply trying to roast me, claiming he’s not mad but took the time to yell at me on twitter. Good thing I found a great Gif of Chucky giving him that fat L

So yeah, that pretty much sums up this entire thread.

Listen, Steeler fans, I get it. I was in your position last year when the Raiders decided to move on and trade Khalil Mack to the Bears. I get the frustration, the anger and the sadness that comes with losing a truly great player, I really do. Especially since you yinzers lost two of them, Brown and Le’veon Bell. Except this is different, both of those players forced their way out, in ways the NFL has never seen before. Do I feel bad? Not really, no. Do I want it to get it get better? Nope, I would prefer it get worse, I absolutely HATE Steelers fans. At the same time, I am not that dumb. I know that the Steelers will more than likely not completely suck and will somehow end up being right there in making a playoff push. A kid can dream though. What I’m really hoping for is the Raiders success, obviously, or else this will all backfire and I’m going to have to find a way to spinzone the shit out this possible disaster. I truly do believe it will work out for me though. I predict at the minimum the Raiders will win at least 7 games. As for the Steelers, if they make the playoffs, fine, whatever. It won’t matter to me if the Raiders also do. Unfortunately for me if the Raiders suck again, I’m really going to be in for it.

Wish myself and all of Raider Nation luck, get bent Pittsburgh.


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