So, the New York “God damn” Jets got some new uniforms…..

The New York Jets got some new uniforms today, and…. damn. They suck, but what else is new for the Jets? They’ve always been the doormat for the real New York team, the Giants. Whether the Jets really are that much worse, they will always be little brother. Now with these uniforms things are definitely not going to get better, but probably worse. I don’t think I’m the only one who hates the shit out of these based on the the twitter reaction I am seeing. Sure, they now have Le’Veon Bell, Cj Mosley and a few more cool new toys, I expect nothing to change here, I’m thinking it’s gonna be the same song and dance as always, with maybe a few more highlight plays.

Fortunately for me, the Raiders by far have the best uniforms in the NFL. If you think otherwise, you’re just plain wrong. The Silver and Black can do no wrong when it comes to uniforms, there will never be a need to change them. Chrome helmets would be sick though, if they did anything. As for these, yeah… trash them. These stink like shit.

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