Addressing all the hate, right here, right now…

So, I’m getting a lot of shit for all this Antonio Brown and John Schuster petty drama. I’m not sure why anyone anyone really is surprised? Yeah, AB is an asshole, we know. That’s why he was traded for a 3rd and a 5th round draft pick instead of the multiple firsts that he’s actually worth from his production. That’s a risk the Raiders felt was worth taking, and I think it is too. So what, the guy is a dick online to his old teammates. Who cares? As long is it’s pro- Raiders and fuck the rest I couldn’t care any less than I don’t already.

As far as who’s right and wrong in this mess is where you Squealer fans are getting it twisted. Never once before the trade did AB say a word about anyone except for Big Ben Rapistburger. After the trade was announced, John “JuJu” Schuster posted a picture of him catching a touchdown IN OAKLAND (a loss, I should add) with AB in the background saying “I’m ready…” Now, some may say so what?? This was his way of taking a shot without really taking a shot, a suttle little jab at AB. Then Mr. Big Chest goes on with his rants on Ben, which is being repeated by other players like Le’Veon Bell, and Jesse James referred to Pittsburgh as a toxic place, and was glad to be out of there. Which then triggers this punk Juju to take yet another suttle jab at AB, with a post about Ben Rapistburger calling him a true leader, insinuating that Antonio Brown is not.

Is JuJu wrong? Perhaps not, but how dare he play victim like he is just an innocent little boy who never did a thing? Give me a fucking break you little bitch, JuJu. AB did infact fire back, responding to annoying fans who keep sending him a picture of JuJu labeled as the Steeler’s team MVP, saying he actually fumbled and ruined their season, and ruined the chance at a playoff run and that people are too busy trying to make him famous. Again, these are facts, unarguable. JuJu did in fact fumble and it cost the Steelers big, no one is wrong here. JuJu then goes on a little cry baby rant about how he always showed AB respect and blah blah blah. AB don’t play that shit, AB doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything, clearly. As far as I’m concerned.. This is good for the Raiders. AB is coming into the season with something to prove, with a chip on his shoulder, and possibly NFL’s newest enemy number one. I’m perfectly fine with that, everyone hates the Raiders anyways. Yes, he’s a dick. We know this, we’ve always known this.. the difference is the Raiders have always embraced these dudes. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not that big of a deal. The Raiders can cut Brown after two years with only 336k dead cap unlike the Steeler’s 21mil dead cap. A not-so-high risk for a hell of a reward if it all goes smoothly.

Fuck the haters. Fuck the Steelers. Fuck JuJu, Fuck Ben Rapistburger. Fuck the Broncos. Fuck the Chiefs. Fuck the Chargers. Fuck em all!


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