Haters can’t be happy….

So here we are, post initial free agency, post draft, and who’s still a Raider? That’s right, our man, Derek Carr. Just like I said, not even worried (I was actually so fucking scared watching the draft). Not even a little scared. I knew they would NEVER do that to my quarterback. This man is our team whether you wacko Raider fans, who I love, like it or not. He’s our guy and he always was and always will be, as said by the man himself. Today after the first day of OTA’s Derek was asked about the quarterback speculation that was going on during the draft time and he said it got old, and was annoying, which is exactly what it was. He went on to say “The owner, the coach, the GM, and the Quarterback are on the same page, and always have been. I’m gonna be here a while if it’s okay with you guys. This is my team and it’s gonna be my team as long as I feel like playing.” God damnit Derek you fired me up! Here I am hustling my chubby ass off on the elliptical at Planet Fitness smiling like a fifth grader who got the “I like you too” text. Thank god for Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders.

Just win baby!!

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