Wire walk screwed us all of true dramatics on national television with A LIE

So, here I am Sunday night watching reruns of American Pickers and Pawn Stars with my father when he remembers about this wire walk. It’s been advertised for weeks, poor lady who’s wire walking freak show family had a terrible fall and broke the bones in her body is going to walk on a wire over Times Square, two years after the accident, in her first act since. Nope, she’s wearing a harness. This is all ruined for me. Why would anyone watching or care considering that? If I knew I was wearing a harness I would do this too. Why does this make her special? Why is this even on my tv? I just know when she inevitably makes it she will be celebrated to no god damn end and for what? There was no risk in this at all. I just wanted to watch a lady walk a wire with death as a real possibility like it was made to seem on commercials. These mother fuckers are having normal conversations as they just slowly and dramatically walk across this stupid wire. This bitch is really singing right now. Shut the fuck up and cut the damn chord. Fucking A, I really hate going to bed pissed off but this did it for me tonight.

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