When will the Celtics learn?

Today it has broken that the Celtics plan to sign Kemba Walker to a 4 year full max contract tomorrow at the beginning of NBA free agency. Which means he’s getting a FAT paycheck, which the Hornets apparently are refusing to do, which in my opinion is the smart thing for the long haul. A full max contract is said to be 4 years, $141 million dollars. Good for Kemba.. but when will these Celtics learn? Point Guards are not where it’s at. This will be the third time trying this in as many years. First it was Isaiah Thomas, some blame his lack of play due to his hip injury. Sure, it literally took him out of the game, but let’s be honest here… he’s an average NBA player. He was never anything to boast about. He was simply having an amazing season, I would say extremely similar to Jeremy Lin, who can’t even touch the floor anymore, similar to IT4, who has now resorted to begging teams on twitter to give him a chance.

Then the big LeBron and Kyrie Irving break up came. “BREAKING NEWS: Boston trades quality pieces for Kyrie Irving!!! Celtics favorites to dethrone LeBron and Cavs as Eastern Conference Champions!!!” As Happy Gilmore best said “yeah, see ya there”

Yep, you guessed it. They get to the playoffs and Kyrie is hurt and the year he’s not hurt he sucks and everyone hates him. Typical.

So yeah, what could go wrong? Good luck Celtics fans. Meanwhile I’m trembling in my sleeping hoping Miami does NOT trade Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, or Bam to the shit bag Sixers for Jimmy Butler. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM JIMMY!!!! Unless they will take Ryan Andersen, Luke Babbit, Dion Waiters, James Johnson, anyone but my three youngins… please

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