Jimmy Buckets officially on his #Culture grind

Late afternoon today the cluster fuck of a sign in trade for Jimmy Butler to Miami was finally completed. What started out last night as a completely normal, classic NBA, 3 team deal. It included Butler to the Heat, Josh Richardson to Sixers, and Goran Dragić to the Mavericks. Pretty simple and straight forward, but nope.. Mav’s owner, Mark Cuban, still salty as all hell that the Heat had now the second best comeback in Finals history to beat his sorry ass team back in ’06, had to fuck the whole thing up.

All the sudden, Dragić was no longer good enough. So, Miami went back to the drawing board WITH the Mav’s and they decided on Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Olynyk. After reports of this come out, NOPE, not good enough either. Pat Riley had to have been motherfucking the shit out of Cuban after this dick head move, so he basically kicked the Mav’s to the curb. Riley then slapped his big swinging dick on the table and got a deal done, AND got rid of the biggest money dumpster on the team, Hassan Whiteside.

The deal included Whiteside to the Blazers for Meyers Leonard and Maurice Harkless, Josh Richardson to Philly for Jimmy Butler, then to match the hard cap the Heat send Harkless and a protected 2023 first round pick to the Clippers to complete a FOUR team trade. Simply amazing, all the haters of Pat Riley over the last few years are preeetttyyyy quite today. Pay got it done, my hat is off to him. As far as what all this means… Well, Miami is definitely a better team, although losing one of my favorite players in Richardson, there’s no denying Jimmy Buckets is most certainly better and a top 15-20 player. He wanted to be in Miami before going to Philly, while a member on the Timberwolves, but a trade was never agreed on and he ended up in Philly. It was now said he even turned down a 5 year max deal from the Sixers, which landed him with the Heat and forced Philly to keep Tobias Harris and give him Jimmy’s money. Good for them, don’t care.

Jimmy’s a Heatle now, and a big thank you to Dwyane Wade for this one. He retired and can’t be fined for tampering, so you know he was a BIG part of this. Welcome to Miami Jimmy, if you win you will live like a king, if not… well, good luck. Looking forward to actually watching Heat games this year now that they are in the mix to at least make the playoffs again.

This was all only about 30 hours after free agency opened up, I have a good feeling Pat’s got some more tricks up his sleeve.

To be continued….. (hopefully)

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