Enough! Give the man his helmet! @NFL

There are several new developing stories going around this lovely afternoon concerning the, much hated, Raiders. First thing, some CLOWN from some stupid, random ass news channel tweeted that AB has gone “radio silent” and the raiders have no idea what he’s doing or where he is. Well, it only took about an hour to debunk that asshole’s report. Now, Adam Schefter reporting that AB refuses to play in any helmet but his old helmet, which he’s worn for the last ten years, what is now “too old” to be re-certified by the NFL, and that is the real reason he has been missing from camp, and not the whole foot issue now seen by the Raiders as a “non-issue”

Well.. that is something. Am I concerned? Nope. This is AB, we know what we were signing up for when he came in. He’s gonna cause a scene until he gets his way, and when he gets his way, he will laugh in your face. He’s gonna be laughing Monday night, September 9th, against the Broncos when he’s wearing his old helmet scoring too many touchdowns to count. Mark my words. Until then, I’m supporting my guy.

GIVE AB HIS FUCKING HELMET! We got work to do……

Just win baby!!!!!

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