Hard Knocks episode 3: “Drip drop on the rocks”

This week Hard Knocks starts off with a bang. We got the legendary Frank Caliendo doing his Gruden impersonations, classic. Then BANG!!! Right into AB. Gruden clearly showing there’s no truth to any of the bullshit the media is spewing out there literally all day every day. No drama with Raiders, all created by shitty reporters who really have no clue what’s going on.

In my already biased opinion, I think this episode really portrays the real side of AB and makes him much more likable as a person. Really seeing how hard this guy works, how much detail he and his trainers go into is really incredible. The made up narrative that AB and coaches and management Don’t get along is CLEARLY bullshit. Gruden and him seem to have an amazing relationship, too many people talking at once to hear what’s really going on. I’ll also say HBO does a fantastic job of editing things with AB from the shots, shit he says, and the choice of music, just a beautiful work of art. Plus, it just looks so much better in Silver and Black, doesn’t it?

Also, two nice little stories on the tight ends. The battle of drug addiction Darren Waller was facing, what he had to overcome to be clean for two years and what he had to do to focus and get back in the league was a cool story to see. Then there’s Luke Wilson. This guy. His flowing hockey guy hair, skinny little bitch legs, and boat trips with his dad to the Golden Gate Bridge was a nice little touch too.

Overall very good episode yet again. I love this show and I love this fuckin team.


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