Hard Knocks Finale: Tough cuts/// AB gets fined

Last night was the finale of Hard Knocks with the Oakland Raiders, Episode 5. Honestly, it was pretty slow, kinda boring, stuck to their themes of the season. Lots of Gruden and AB, along with some of the reactions to some tough cuts made by the team. Cabinda, tough cut. I like that guy, biased Penn State fan, but I thought he would make it. Luke Wilson, tough cut. I like that guy too, but not a great player anymore. It looks as if he forgot how to block and struggles running… pretty much knew he was going to get cut. Nathan (MV)Peterman placed on IR. Also, tough. At first I thought this was just a classic IR stash so no one else could claim him if they kept him on practice squad, but he actually was injured, which sucks for a guy trying to make a comeback and not looking terrible, really. Oh well, 53 man pretty much what expected from the beginning. Overall I liked this season of Hard Knocks, as a Raiders fan. It gives some really cool insight into meetings, practices, and players personal lives that I would not normally see, which is great for me. As someone who’s not a fan and just wanted Gruden to yell at everyone and AB to flip out and cry I can see how they wouldn’t enjoy it and think it sucked, I get it.. and to you guys who feel that way, fuck off. Don’t care what you want you’re not getting shit from us. But, now it’s game time. Time to move on.

Now, AB gets the letter in the mail he had to have known was coming…. his fines for missing offseason training/ some training camp days. As you see below, it could be taken as a jab at the Raiders, saying they’re haters.

Sure, you could take it that way. But that’s not what he’s saying. Yes, it’s what he’s literally saying but it’s not what he is posting, trying to portray. He’s showing that this organization is making everyone accountable and that starts with him. He’s getting fined because he missed practice. That’s what it is. He knew this was going to happen. Now he’s making it clear that everyone who does this or anything, will be held accountable, and will be fined. Now saying all that, I doubt the Raiders actually are making him pay all this for missed time, because they knew the whole time, no matter what losers like Mike Florio say. They have to send these letters to keep their rights as a franchise and not shown to be full blown push overs. Read between the lines people.


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