Week 1 (Donkeys): W

Emotional night in Oakland Alameda Coliseum. The Raiders were fired the fuck up and started off hot. They receive to start the game and go right down the field for Derek Carr to throw a dime to Tyrell Williams for the touchdown. The defense came out fired up as well, a few early stops, lots of bending but not a lot of breaking. Two drives later they go 98 yards in 7 minutes for Josh Jacobs to run one in for the touchdown. Speaking Josh Jacobs, what a fucking beast. God damn I love this team. I love everything about everyone on this team.

Derek Carr was near flawless. He was 22 for 26 passing, with 259 yards, 1 touchdown. MVP of the game is definitely Josh Jacobs.. He ended his debut with 23 carries for 85 yards, 2 rushing touchdowns, and 1 reception for 28 yards. Amazing performance by the rookie.

Amazing win. Shout out to all the fans at the game, they were LOUD. Clear “Fuck AB” chants coming through my sound bar made me smile.

What a night…


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