Burfict suspended for remainder of season….. #RaiderNation

So it came down today that the head to head hit Vontaze Burfict laid on Jack Doyle in the heat of the battle landed him a season ending suspension, without pay. This is a surprise to absolutely no one. Vontaze is no stranger to suspensions, fines, head to head contact, and all that jazz. This is a brutal blow for the Raiders, considering they are already short handed at linebacker. I’m assuming they will stick with who they have at the moment, considering they needed to free up a spot for Nevin Lawson, who is coming back from a 4 game suspension himself for PED use. If they even keep him, who knows. Maybe they try and bring back Brandon Marshall who was cut before the season and still not on a team? Maybe Jason Cabinda from the Detroit practice squad? We’ll see how things play out next week, I’m assuming, considering they are already in London for their game next week against Chicago.

I really don’t think Vontaze was head hunting here, is my issue. Yes we know, his reputation is not a good a one. He’s been suspended and fined several times, missing 22 games, and losing nearly 5 million dollars with lost game checks and fines. He said in his introductory press conference with the Raiders that he is a physical player, he’s plays aggressive, which there is certainly no doubt.. says he has 300 pound lineman coming at him, he can’t go out there “playing patty cake, I’m gonna try to hit hard” which is the right mindset for a linebacker, if you don’t do the hitting you will be getting hit. If I were out there, I’d rather do the punishing rather than be the punished. Jack Doyle after the game had this to say:

Maybe this helps his case? Not sure, probably not.

With all that said, obviously this is likely ending his season, and possible his tenure with the Raiders, considering he’s only on a single year contract. An appeal has been sent and according to Rapsheet they are usually heard on Tuesdays. Possible resolution by tomorrow after noon. We will see. Until then….

just win baby

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