Week 5: London “Home” game (Bears): CLUB DUB! 🏴‍☠️ #RaiderNation

Rrrrrraaaaaiiiiiiiiiddddddeeeeeeeerrrrrrrsssss!!!!! Damn this got me FIRED UP! Let’s go! Raiders defeat the bears 24-21. Raiders start this game absolutely dominating the Bears. In the first half Josh Jacobs and the Raiders had 94 rushing yards, which was more than any team had against the Bears all season which got the Raiders out to a beautiful 17-0 start.

The second half starts, Raiders kick to to the Bears, and they do what they do, suck it up on offense and go three and out. I’m thinking damn, this Bears team fucking sucks. We are killing them. Khalil Mack no where to be found? Hm, interesting since he said he was waiting for this game (overrated). Anyways, then the Raiders get the ball back, and all hell breaks loose. A fumble happened where Derek Carr checked the play to a pitch and Josh Jacobs wasn’t ready and the pitch went right by him. That led to the Bears scoring 21 unanswered points.

Raiders had to fight, claw and scratch their way back into this game, fighting off not only Bears, but the officials who just fucking love throwing penalty flags against the Raiders for things no one else gets flagged for, specifically roughing the passer. Despite all that, the Raiders end up getting another touchdown by Josh Jacobs on a 97 yard drive to take the lead 24-21. They end the game by picking off Chase Daniel for the 2nd time, (should have been 3rd) time of the same to seal the deal. Khalil Mack no where to be found, Carr only touched one time. Raiders dominated today, no matter what the score says. What an amazing win. LFG! Now we are off next week going back home after the long trip, resting up, and getting ready to whoop some cheese head ass in Green Bay, week 7. Let’s get it!


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