Gruden wasn’t lying, Mack wanted out? #RaiderNation

Pre-London domination of Khalil Mack and the Bears, Jay Glazer had an interesting report on the Fox pre-game show. Everyone talked how, ohhh Gruden is an idiot, he traded a walking hall of famer, he is so dumb, Raiders are a dumpster fire, Raiders will never win…. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Glazed reported today that actually, it was all on Khalil Mack. Allegedly, Khalil decided he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden, and he had his agent tell the team that. “Khalil Mack refused to play for Jon Gruden”. Boy oh boy does that change things. I want to rip that Fat Head I have of #52 off my wall and burn it. He talks all this noise, said he wanted to be a Raider for life but they traded him. No, Raiders delt you because you didn’t want to be there. Jon was right when he said you didn’t want to be a Raider, or you would have shown up! No one believed him, but now it shows true. Well guess what Khalil, you got your money, you got your deal, and you got your ass kicked by your buddy, Derek Carr and your now enemy Oakland Raiders. Suck it!


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