#HeatCULTURE is BACK! (1-0)

We’re back, baby! I just wanna say, the video Justise Winslow released before the game got me fired the fuck up! (Below)

Just watching him jump around and shoot in an empty gym got my juices flowing. Man, didn’t realize how much I missed it until it was finally back. Culture Szn… if you’re not a Heat fan, you just wouldn’t understand.

After being all jacked up after that video I see on twitter that Jimmy Butler is OUT for the Heat tonight with “personal reasons”. What the fuck, right? What a way to start the year.. JIMMY! After all your talk about CULTURE and how you always wanted to be on the Heat all along, never Philly, never Minnesota, Miami was where you wanted, It would be nice to see you play… . Later saw some rumors on twitter, of course, where all good and accurate news is found, that ol’ Jimmy Buckets is having a little baby Bucket be born tonight, which, I get it now. It sucks you couldn’t be there for the opening night in Miami, but I get it. No longer mad (if it’s true).

Miami’s starting five looking a little strange tonight. Butler out, Dion suspended(by team) , James Johnson suspended (by team), and two rookies starting. It was Bam, Justise, Tyler Herro (bucket), Kendrick Nunn, and Meyers Leonard. Little bit funky. That’s also how this game started, pretty funky. Lead going back and fourth, back and fourth, Herro making Grayson Allen look like a FOOL……

damn, dropped his ass… goodnight Grayson. It really was kind of a shitty, boring game, full of missed threes and free throws, until halfway through the fourth when the Heat just turned it on. They outscored the Grizzlies 37-17 in the fourth including a 25-1 run, YIKES. Not the best way to start the season if you’re Memphis. Player of the game goes to Justise Winslow, just because he’s the man. Winslow ended up going 10-21 with 27 points, 1-2 from three, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, and playing 37 minutes. If we can consistantly get that from him, look out Philly, we coming for that ass!

Not bad debut for rookie sensation Tyler, The Bucket, Herro. He ended going 6-14 for 14 points, 1-2 from three, 8 rebounds, and an assist in 34 minutes played. An AMAZING debut for rookie Kendrick Nunn, who was not a force to be fucked with all pre-season long. He ended with 24 points on 10-18 from the field, 1-2 from three, 2 rebounds, 3 assists, all in 27 minutes played. Can’t wait to see more from these guys, and especially more from Jimmy when he makes his return.


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