Week 8 (@texans): Back to back L’s…. (3-4) on to Detroit #Raidernation

Well, yet another loss. Both the Raiders and the Texans started off slow, not much happening until Derek Carr hits Hunter Renfrow for a 65 yard catch and run touchdown, Renfrow’s first in his career. Awesome! 7-0, what do ya know this shitty ass defense let’s the Texans just roll right down the field and tie it up. That’s how it pretty much goes when it comes to this team. Impossible to keep a lead. The referees call every thing on every opportunity they have on the Raiders, too. Maybe just because I’m clearly biased but it doesn’t seem like any other team gets as many horseshit calls as the Raiders, and I watch almost every game every single weekend. But that’s just how it is when you’re rocking with the Raiders, always been that way, probably always will be that way.

Defense was the story of the game, along with Desean Watson being completely unstoppable. Arden Key has him wrapped up and halfway to the ground and somehow he escapes and throws a touchdown pass to get within one point, on third down I might add. Of course. Dropped passes and more penalties screw the Raiders some more, and they can only manage to get 3 on their next drive, leaving enough time for the Texans to score again and take the lead in which they would hold, stop the raiders, and run the clock out. Very frustrating game. Raiders had every chance to win this game and nothing went their way, as per usual. Maybe next week we can slap the shit out of the Lions. We will see. Finally back in Oakland after 50 days! Thank god. See you there, until then….

just win baby

PS. To all you fucking assholes blaming Derek Carr for this loss, please go play in traffic, you’re a complete moron if you truly believe this is on Derek. I’m so sick of every loss being put on him like it’s one hundred percent his fault. Let’s be honest here folks, he’s one of the only good things on this team, and without him we would be close to winless. Seriously fuck off with that. Thanks

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