Joel Embiid needs to be suspended for the year #NBA #76ers #Sixers

That’s right, I said it. Suspend Joel and suspend his corny ass for the whole year. Why am I being so dramatic about this? Well, there’s a few reasons. First of all, I hate the Sixers, I hate everyone on that team (except JRich), Everyone involved with the team, any fan of this disgusting fanbase of trash bag assholes.

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane.. September 29, 2019.. Raiders @ Colts. Vontaze Burfict gets a penalty for head to head contact, his first in multiple years, might I add, and after review he gets ejected from the game. Okay, fine. The NFL is soft these days. I get it, trying to help keep players safe and limit concussions. Here is how Burfict exited the stadium after his ejection….

Later, in the days after it comes out that Vontaze is suspended for THE REST OF THE SEASON???? umm.. excuse me? 12 games? and all play-off possibilities. That’s what he got, and their explanation was because of his “past” ( more than two seasons before) and the way he acted after the ejection. He blew kisses to fans booing him. Keep this in mind, I know these are separate leagues we are talking about here, but just follow me.

Fast forward to tonight, where the Minnesota Timberwolves visiting the Scumbag Philadelphia 76ers. And what do ya know? Joel Embiid gets into a brawl, and acts like a god damn idiot afterwards. Pretending he’s boxing, trying to hype up the crowd, celebrating, high giving teammates and fans, like he did something great. Dude, you just got ejected? Why the fuck are you running around like a complete jackass? Here, watch for yourself…

While yes, I was a hater well before this, and will continue to be well after, tell me what the difference here is? I know we are talking between two differently run leagues, and this is all just something for me to piss of all the Philly fans I know, but I’m half way serious here. Why is it cool and funny for Joel to promote his fight on the court during a basketball game, which he gets paid to do and not paid to fight, but Vontaze gets his job the way to provide for his family taken away for the remainder of the season, which was 12 full games plus playoffs. I think that is complete bullshit, because in my eyes, Joel is being more of a bad influence than Vontaze was. All Vontaze was doing was trying to make a play. Joel, was trying to start a fight and to his credit that’s what he did. I promise you he won’t get anything even close to the punishment handed from the NFL to Burfict. But, that’s the life of a Raiders fan. Everyone, including the NFL is out to get you…. Either way, fuck you Philly I fucking hate you.

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