Week 10 (Chargers) Two in a row! (5-4) Gameday chain 3-2 #RaiderNation We are here, we are real, and we got a real shot at the playoffs! #NFL #Chargers #Raiders

Hoooooolllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy SHIT! What a disaster of a game, that was also beautiful all in one. The Raiders really could not have started this game off better. Interception by Erik Harris on the opening drive for the Chargers give the Raiders the ball back early, in which they only get a field goal. On the very next drive after the Raiders field goal Erik Harris again intercepts Rivers and this time takes it to the house.

At this point, I’m thinking, wow. Raiders are really gonna blow this Chargers team out, they suck! Raiders were up 10-0 FAST into the first quarter and only had 4 offensive plays. Damn. But of course, this was not the case. Yet another week of officials abusing the yellow flags. Just an absolutely ridiculous amount of penalties called in this game, that really didn’t need to be called. Four times you call offsides on the defense lining up in the neutral zone? Come on, these dudes line up the same way, every single time. Once or twice? Okay, fine but four times? And that was only against the Raiders. It was also called multiple times on the Chargers, just some really unnecessary fouls that don’t need to be called, is what I’m getting at. Which really puts the Raiders in a bind. Their defense at one point was on the field for nearly 40 minutes real time, that is not great.

Being a typical penalty filled, AFC West, Chargers down a score late in a game type of game. The Raiders end up being down 24-20 with around four minutes left. They take that drive 76 yards down the field and punch it in with Josh Jacobs on a 20 yard touchdown run after Derek Carr had no problem running the right plays, hitting the open guys, and getting the Raiders into the position they needed to be in. But of course, what’s a Raiders game without drama? They miss the extra point, typical. So the Chargers get the ball with a minute and change left, three time outs, and needing 45 yards to get into field goal range. Raiders amazingly hold them to 4th and 10, Rivers throws an incomplete pass, but yep. You guessed it. Raiders penalty. Holding in the secondary. This shit is going to cost them eventually. You can not give up yards and free downs on 4th down when you other words would have won the damn game right there.

Luckily the Chargers might be more stupid than the Raider defenders, and call nothing but deep shot bombs. That gets them a total of 0 yards, on 0 completions. It comes to 4th down again, Rivers drips back for a bomb and it’s picked off by Karl Joseph, the Raiders get the ball back, get a first down with Josh Jacobs and win the damn game. Incredible.

This team is so stressful but I love every second of it. Everyone on this team has stepped up at some point. Derek Carr continues to prove haters wrong, confidently running this offense, and winning games. Tonight was his 19th game winning drive since entering the league, passing Russel Wilson and trailing only Mathew Stafford who stands at 22 come back came winning drives.

Josh Jacobs has to be hands down the top rookie of the year candidate. He proves it time and time again he will get those yards on third and short. He will finish in the end zone when we need it most. Most importantly of all, he WILL finish games for us and get those first downs to run out the clock.

Carlin Ferrel has taken a lot of shit the pst few weeks, for reasons he can not control. Ever since he was drafted these crazy assholes expected him to be the next Khalil Mack, and that’s just not who he is. He is a true defensive end. Not a sack artist. He sets the edge, stops the run, doesn’t let anything outside of him, swats passes, and he’s great at that. But tonight he made those haters eat shit tonight. Ferrel had 2 1/2 sacks, a few tackles, batted down passes, and make he had his best game as a pro. I’m so proud of him.

I could go on and on about guys on this team. It’s just a look into the future, showing what this Raiders team will be for a very long time… and damn am I excited.

Great team win, and I can’t wait for more. Bengals.. you up next, watch the fuck out!!


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