Week 11 (#Bengals) Three in a row.. (6-4) Gameday chain 3-1, and now, Gameday Tik Tok (1-0) LFG!!! #RaiderNation #Raiders #NFL #BigTalkBlog

SMDH… It can’t ever be easy, can it? I was having a great week, all these douche bag reporters going around now jumping on the Raider bandwagon, hyping them up, saying Raiders by a million, Raiders will bend these Bengals over and shove it up their ass, ohhh they will put up 40. Yeah, well not so much. It was a tough game for the Raiders. Hard to tell what really was their issue, if they had one, or maybe the Bengals just stepped it up? Fuck it, I don’t care anymore. I’m just glad they god it done. I guess that’s why it was Al’s saying, Just win baby!

Derek Carr started off on fire! He was 14-14 with 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Down at the two yard line he floated one just a hair behind Darren Waller, which he was not able to reel in, so there went his perfect streak, but he redeemed himself, and what looked like he was going to be sacked, he turned it into his first rushing touchdown of the year. Looking like Lamar Jackson out there, juking right, juking left, then in for the score, a thing of beauty. It always scares me when he takes off, just because of his history of injury and fumbles, but this time proved me wrong.

If you weren’t a fan of either team, this game SUCKED! after the Raiders second quarter 2 touchdowns, there was nothing but punts and a Raiders field goal. But, if you’re a Raiders fan, you can be happy one rookie really showed out today… Mad Maxx Crosby. My, oh my, is this guy great. Not one, not two, NOT THREE, FOUR SACKS! Yep, you read that correctly, four sacks for Maxx Crosby. The man is an animal. Mayock really did his homework on that guy, Raiders picked him up in the 4th round, and right now that’s looking like a steal.. considering he’s doing way better than expected, and there’s a lot of improvement typically in guys after their rookie year. Lots to look forward to with Maxx.

So yeah, after an ugly ugly ugly ugly disgusting puke worthy performance by the Raiders as a whole there are things to look forward to. Tomorrow, Cheifs go up against the Chargers. As it stands now, the Raiders and Cheifs are tied for first place in the AFC West. We need this Chargers win tomorrow night! if not, Cheifs will still have the half game lead, until we march into Arrow Head Stadium and get Derek Carr’s first career win there, and stun the Chiefs to take the AFC West division as our own. Let’s fucking go!!!! Pilliage on Raiders.

Just win BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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