Week 13: (@ Chiefs) 6-6, 2 Straight L’s, loss of hope for playoffs not completely gone.

Going into Sunday in KC, no one really expected the Raiders to win this one, obviously, I wish they could have at least put up a better fight. It was an ugly game, another complete dud. Disaster from the beginning, it really was over before it even began. Only bright spot on the day was Josh Jacobs reaching is 1000 yard mark on the season. He’s a stud and I hope he’s a Raider for a long long time. That’s pretty much my review of the game. No breaking news here, but there’s some shit really pissing me off..

I can’t stand these fucking morons on Twitter.. “Derek sucks” “Bring back J. Russell it cant get any worse” “cry cry wah wah” shut. The. Fuck. Up. Derek Carr is the LEAST of our fucking problems. You see what happened the beginning of the year? He was playing great, had everyone happy ( for the most part). You know why? Because receivers were getting open. These last two games have SUCKED, and you dumb fuck simpletons who have no clue what you’re watching, besides a scoreboard, think it’s DC just throwing the ball away for no reason, getting sacked more often. Do me a favor and watch the film from the 3 straight wins, compared to these last two losses. We were scoring 24 points a game, scoring touchdowns with WIDE RECEIVERS, we aren’t doing either of these things right now, hence not scoring at all. It’s really pretty fucking simple. We need guys to make some plays, get open! Josh is busting his ass running like a god damn beast and these receivers ain’t doing jack shit. If guys were getting open DC would hit them and each and everyone of you know it. That’s why we went out and got AB. That dude gets open. We need a true #1 pass catcher and you’ll see how much of a difference there will be in the offense.

Unfortunately, That’s not going to happen this season. Tyrell was supposed to be 2 man behind AB, and else all know what happened there. Hunter Renfrow was CLUTCH. He got open on big plays. He had 36 catches on the year, 23 being on third down, we need guys who can get open and time to work on timing with our QB.

The season is not lost, although we will need some more help, now, instead of controlling the destiny. But keep pillaging Raider Nation. This book is just in its early chapters. We will return to greatness.


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