Week: who cares, season officially over. 6-7

I’m really getting sick of watching blow outs. The defense on this team is fucking horrible. They couldn’t stop my hometown high school team’s offense. It’s so bad I don’t even know what to say anymore. Fucking fire everyone. Guenther, get the fuck out of the silver and black, you don’t deserve to wear it. Your defenses are never even competent, let alone talented. No one every looks like they even have a god damn clue, and that’s on you. I will be extremely disappointed if you’re still a coordinater for this team next year.

Although it was a horrible defensive game, offense is not without fault. At half it was 21-21 and the offense looked sharp, yes including Derek Carr, for all you haters. But… of course that didn’t last long either. We didn’t even fucking score in the second half. The one time we were moving the ball, Waller fumbles and it’s scooped up for a touchdown, you really can’t make this shit up. It just can’t even go right for the Raiders. The game ends up a blow out. Raiders get down to the 1 on a decent drive and it comes to 4th down, and there’s a roll out play called, and Carr throws it away with no one open. Look, I know, down 21 with 3 minutes left, no one open, no where to run, but come on man, just throw it up and hope for luck, or something…

At this point I don’t even care anymore. I love Derek and I want him to be the QB of this team forever but damnit I’m so sick of the talk, and no production.. I’m first in line to defend him and it really isn’t ever his fault, but maybe change is what the team needs. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything come this off-season. And I won’t be mad at any move they make.

From here on out, we need to sit anyone and everyone who is even mildly injured. This season is a wash, no sense getting anyone seriously injured. We need everyone healthy for a fresh start in Vegas 2020..

Hopefully we win, if not, fuck it. Better draft spot. That’s where we are at.

Just win baby..

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