This is my favorite Heat team since 2012-2013 championship season #HeatTwitter

Yes, this year the Miami Heat have been playing absolutely amazing basketball. Every aspect of the game they are incredible. Except for leading the league in turn overs, but that will get better with time. I’m so fucking over these Philly idiots saying Jimmy came to a losing team. Yeah, you know what, technically maybe they were a losing team, but Jimmy was born to be on this team god damnit. I wasn’t even that into the idea of him joining the Heat, at first. I could not have turned the corner on that any more than I have now, and tonight is just another example…

Trae Young gets an assist and puts the Hawks up 6 with 45 seconds left in the game. I thought it was over, they would just run the clock out. Trae goes ahead and tells the Miami crowd the game is in fact over…

Bad game, forget it and move on. That’s what the old heat would have done. Not this team. No fucking way. Next thing you know, Jimmy sets up Duncan Robinson for his franchise tying 10th three pointer of the game. Hawks go down the floor, Derek Jones Jr blocks a shot, no timeout called and right back down the floor Jimmy fires a 3 with 3 seconds left. BANG! Tie game. Then the momentum carried over into overtime and the Heat went on a 24-0 run and dominate over time and win 135-121. Simply incredible. I fucking love the Heat Culture, more alive now, than ever. Let’s fucking go!

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