Last game in Oakland, biggest disappointment of the season. Shut it down #RaiderNation

Well it certainly couldn’t have ended any worse, could it? If you’re reading this you probably already know what happened. The Raiders didn’t show up the second half of the last game ever in Oakland and didn’t score one single point and ended up losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars who had just lost 5 games straight by at least 17 points. Absolutely fucking embarrassing.

All year long I’ve stuck by Carr, when all the haters keep saying we needed to cut, trade, kill, or just plain forget about Derek. Don’t get me wrong, I love Derek, he’s an amazing person, a good quarterback, and a guy I still want to lead this team in the future.. and although this game was not his fault, he did all he could, I’m just done with this team. I do not care what they do this offseason. They need something, someone, to lead them to wins, if they feel it’s another quarterback, so be it. I’m so sick of being mad and disappointed every week watching this team. Things need to change. Games like today just can’t happen.

Do not even get me started on officiating, because I’m not even going to get into that. They screwed us. But defense still could have stepped up.

It’s time to shut down anyone that’s injured, it’s not worth getting hurt when there’s no playoff hope, and let’s be real… even if there was, no chance this team does anything. We need t preserve our talent for the opening season of the Las Vegas Raiders. It’s time. Get ready for 2020.

Just win baby

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