Week 16: (@Chargers) we’re back baby! And still alive 😏 (7-8) #RaiderNation #NFL #Chargers

It was a beautiful day in LA, to face the Chargers. The soccer stadium was filled with black jerseys and Boos for those losers in baby blue. This game, not unlike any other Raiders game as of late, started off great. Chargers three and out and the Raiders get the ball and bam, Hunter Renfrow was hit for a 56 yard touchdown pass by Derek Carr. Except today, they kept it up throughout the game, didn’t get fucked on any clock adjustments, and had a solid victory, 24-17.

Today may have quieted those Carr critics a little tiny bit. The man put on a clinic. DC4 finished 26-30, 291 yards, 1 passing TD, AND 1 rushing TD. That’s right, a rushing touchdown, for Derek Carr, AND he didn’t even fumble it this time. Incredible stuff. You like that Roger? You little bitch twitter troll? I know you’re reading this. Thanks for the click and the retweet. Yes, Derek Carr is my banner picture, and he will be for here on out. He’s our guy, fuck off.

Anyways, the Raiders somehow are still in the playoff race. They go to Denver next week and need to win. Then they need a little bit of help. They need the Ravens to beat the Steelers, Texans to beat the Titans, Browns to beat the Bengals, and the Colts to beat the Jaguars… yes, a lot needs to happen. But, to keep things in the glass half full room… they’re all favorites (I think) so, like I said.. not impossible. We’ll see. That would be awesome if it happened, we can at least say we made the dance. But one thing at a time, I guess. On to Denver.


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